Why I Will Not Hold Another Giveaway

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

Since starting my business I have had to navigate the murky waters of social media from a different perspective. I am constantly thinking of new ways to engage with potential customers, make my content stand out and find more followers.

Everyone loves the idea of receiving something for free with no real catch right? We are always bombarded with, "enter your e-mail address for 10% off" or "Refer a friend and receive a free X" and "Enter your name with a chance to win a free X of your choice." The list goes on and on and these above scenarios are fantastic and mutually beneficial.

Giveaways are instantly gratifying ways to increase your followers but as I have realised (hopefully pretty quickly) high numbers of followers doesn't = high sales. By holding a giveaway you are typically engaging with the wrong type of audience, the people who want something for nothing. Now there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting something for free. HOWEVER, as a business please ask yourself a few questions before launching a giveaway of your precious product.

  1. Am I prepared for the winner to not engage any further with my company than just this post?

  2. Do I realise that people can unfollow once the giveaway has finished?

  3. Am I prepared for the majority of people who enter not to even look at my website/Etsy page or even additional content?

  4. Can I afford to give away product + postage away for free?

OK OK so the business may get a tag in a may get a shout out in a story...then what? I fear that the "giveaway audience" is becoming full of entitled, unashamedly challenging and completely unsupportive individuals who are incapable of seeing WHY this business is willing to hold a giveaway of its products in the first place.

I recently held a giveaway on my Instagram account and had over 150 entrants. I held a A charitable raffle one 10 weeks earlier with a £5 donation per entry, I had 6 people enter.

Now, more than ever, we are all beating the, "Support Small Businesses Drum". So do just this...Share and engage in their posts, tag them in your stories, save their content and tell your friends far and wide. Do not treat them like they owe YOU something especially when you haven't paid for it. My business does not simply exist as a side line or to see how many followers I can gain on social media. It is here to educate, change the perception of a dog's diet for the better and ultimately provide for my family.

So the next time you look to enter a giveaway step away unless you are wholeheartedly going to continue to support that business.

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